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Compliance eLearning solutions - Anti Money Laundering

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Data Protection Our accredited Data Protection course ensures your organisation stays up to date on General Data Protection legislation. More Information DEMO VIDEO DATA PROTECTION More Information DEMO VIDEO Explains data protection legislation and the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation. Outlines processing of personal data, data subject rights, employees’ responsibilities and the consequences…
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Anti-Bribery & Corruption Our accredited Anti-Bribery & Corruption course outlines bribery law and ensures adequate safeguarding for your organisation. More Information ANTI-BRIBERY AND CORRUPTION More Information Discusses the laws that criminalise bribery and corruption and the consequences of breaching these laws. Outlines how an organisation can ensure that it has adequate safeguards against bribery and…
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Anti-Money Laundering and CTF Compliance Training CityLearning has over 20 years experience providing combating money laundering courses for asset management and insurance firms, and retail banks. More Information DEMO VIDEO COMBATING MONEY LAUNDERING AND TERRORIST FINANCING More Information DEMO VIDEO Details the money laundering and terrorist financing risks that apply to an organisation. Explains how…
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Sanctions CityLearning’s Sanctions course ensures that your staff know how to screen for sanctions and how to report breaches. MORE INFORMATION DEMO VIDEO Sanctions More Information DEMO VIDEO Defines what sanctions are, lists the different types and explains their purpose. Considers EU and international sanctions regimes, with an emphasis on the current sanctions against Russia…
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CityLearning: Specialists in Compliance eLearning Training With over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, CityLearning is a leader in accredited compliance training courses in Ireland & the UK. More Information INTRODUCTION VIDEO CITYLEARNING: SPECIALISTS IN COMPLIANCE eLEARNING TRAINING More Information INTRODUCTION VIDEO For more than 20 years, CityLearning has been a trusted…
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