Bespoke and Customised Compliance Training

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In CityLearning we recognise that every company’s learning needs are unique. We believe that for training to be effective, it should be targeted to the requirements of your learners and organisation. That is why we offer simple and low-cost customisation. Any of our off-the-shelf courses can easily be adapted to suit your company or jurisdiction requirements.

CityLearning has a wealth of experience in custom development. With our smooth and well-established processes, developing a fully bespoke course, that meets your training needs is simple, hassle free and time effective.

Bespoke eLearning Development

CityLearning has an extensive course library that can satisfy most compliance training needs.

For needs not covered by our existing courses, we offer custom eLearning development. We will work with you to create a bespoke eLearning solution to meet your requirements.

We design our courses in a way that finds the right balance between high-quality content and interactivity to ensure learners engage with the material.


Easy Communication


Each client has a dedicated project manager who acts as your single point of contact during the development process.


2 collaborative

We will work with compliance officers, subject matter experts (SMEs) and other stakeholders at your company to create a course that meets all your training requirements.


3 timesaving

eLearning can be developed quickly, in weeks rather than months.

We’ve got instructional design covered, so you can focus on making sure the bespoke course meets your objectives.


4 cost effective

eLearning reduces the resources you need for training.

The more staff you need to train, the greater your savings are, as compared to classroom-based training options.

Backed by Theory

5 backed by theory

Our instructional design standards are based on tried-and-true learning theories, such as:

  • Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning Objectives.
  • Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction.
  • eLearning industry best practice


6 self paced

CityLearning courses are delivered online and broken into modules that take just 10 minutes.

Learners can easily complete training at their own pace, at a time and place that suits them.


7 experienced

We have a proven track record built up over 25 years of developing compliance eLearning solutions.


8 consistent

All staff will receive the same content every time.

Bespoke Development Process

We offer an end-to-end bespoke course development service.  

The main stages in CityLearning’s bespoke eLearning development process are:



How Long Will It Take?

The bespoke eLearning development process is as unique as your bespoke course, so the time it takes varies based on your requirements. We’re used to working toward strict deadlines and can ensure your course is ready when you need it.

Get in touch today to discuss your needs, and we can figure out a project plan and schedule that suits you!


What Is Bespoke eLearning Used For?

You may wish to develop a bespoke course with CityLearning to:

  • modernise existing training materials by converting them into a digital, interactive format.
  • replace classroom-based training with an eLearning solution.
  • support the rollout of a new company policy.
  • teach staff about their obligations under a new piece of legislation.

What Does Bespoke eLearning Look Like?


Easy to Integrate

1 easy to integrate

Fully SCORM compliant.

Easy to Navigate

2 easy to navigate

Progress is clearly tracked; learners can move to different sections of the course at any time with the menu.


3 audit ready

Learner performance is automatically recorded.


4 captivating

Navigational and learning interactive elements keep users engaged.


5 accessable

Key content is delivered both as text and voiceover throughout the course.

A glossary of unfamiliar terms and relevant legislation is easily accessible.


6 multimedia

Learning objectives are reinforced by polished graphics, animations, dynamic elements and videos.


7 convenient

Digitally delivered so learners can take the course anywhere at any time.


8 modular

Broken down into short modules that can be completed at separate times.


9 Tested

Each module ends in a 3-5 question quiz and each course ends in a 10-20 question test.

Learners must score at least 80% on the course test to pass the course.


10 repeatable

Learners can review the course and retake the test as many times as they want.

Case Study

CityLearning was tasked with developing a robust, cost-effective Information Security Awareness course for a key client following a cyber security threat in the company. As a result, there was a strict deadline and rapid development period.

We worked alongside the client’s Cyber Security Team to create a bespoke product. The project was delivered on time and on budget. It was reviewed by the Chartered Insurance Institute in the UK and received CPD accreditation. CityLearning’s bespoke eLearning solution was delivered to staff throughout Ireland, the UK and mainland Europe. The course was updated annually with legislative updates, changes to internal procedures and policies, in addition to graphic and interface upgrades.


Customise or Localise a CityLearning Course

Does your company have specific policies or procedures related to the topic of a CityLearning course? Do you need to train staff located in a jurisdiction our courses don’t yet cover? Do you need training in a language other than English?

We make it easy to create eLearning solutions customised to your company! We can tailor any CityLearning course to make it fit your company’s policies, localise it to suit your jurisdiction, or translate any of our courses into whatever languages you need.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your needs!

Course Customisation and Localisation Process

Pick a CityLearning Course

Pick a CityLearning Course

customise it

Customise it to suit your organisation or jurisdiction

Specify the language(s) and translate any key terms

track compliance

We’ll deliver it to staff and track compliance

How Long Will It Take?

The customisation and localisation process will vary based on your requirements, but we’ll work with you to get your customised course ready when you need it.

Get in touch with us to discuss your project and we’ll come up with a plan to get it finished before the deadline!

Case Study

A multi-national insurance company needed to train staff on their anti-money laundering obligations in seven different jurisdictions and three languages. CityLearning developed nine different versions of Combat Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing to meet this need.

A CityLearning project manager liaised with local compliance officers to determine the requirements for each jurisdiction, and our Instructional Design Team wrote content to satisfy these requirements. We developed the local versions out of one global template so that minimal time and input was needed from the client.


How Much Will It Cost?

The cost to develop a bespoke eLearning solution or customise an existing CityLearning course depends on the size of the project.

We have many cost-effective solutions and a history of developing various projects within budget.

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