Introducing CityREPORTs, your ultimate Learning Management System (LMS) for an unparalleled compliance platform experience.

Designed specifically for Compliance Officers, our state-of-the-art LMS offers a secure and regularly updated environment for hosting compliance training courses. With CityREPORTs, you’ll have access to powerful reporting tools and automated reminder emails, ensuring that your compliance training requirements are effortlessly met.

CityREPORTs reduces administration costs and improves efficiency by providing Compliance Managers with detailed live information about the compliance training status of their organisation.

Transform the way you manage your organisation’s learning and development with our innovative and user-friendly LMS and experience the difference that CityREPORTs brings to the world of compliance


Why Choose CityREPORTs?

CityREPORTs goes beyond the usual LMS basics, offering key features that elevate your organisation’s compliance platform experience. Upon successful course completion, users receive a certificate providing tangible proof of their achievements for tracking continuing professional development (CPD).

Our platform also supports Single-Sign On (SSO) capability via Microsoft Azure, streamlining the login process and ensuring a seamless user experience. Additionally, CityREPORTs integrates with most HR platforms, facilitating flawless user list database integration and simplifying the management of employee access.

With these advanced features, CityREPORTs stands out as a comprehensive LMS solution designed to empower your organisation and enhance your compliance management capabilities. Experience a new level of efficiency and convenience with CityREPORTs, your all-in-one solution for comprehensive and effective compliance management.

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CityREPORTs - Key Features

  • Automatic tracking of user results and statistics
  • A selection of easy-to-use, detailed and flexible reports
  • Print-friendly and one-click export to Excel.
  • Hosting of any SCORM compliant training
  • Reminder email automations
  • Phishing campaign integration
  • Certificate of successful course completion featuring relevant CPD codes
  • Single-Sign On capability with Azure Active Directory
  • HR Database user integration
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HR Integration



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Scorm Compatible

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