Cyber & Information Security Course

Cyber & Information Security Course


  • 3 Modules:
  1. Principles & Responsibilities
  2. Threats, Risks, & Breaches
  3. Security Measures
  • Short quiz for each module
  • Final course quiz on module objectives
  • Duration: 30 mins

icon  Retail banking

icon  Wholesale banking

icon  Life assurance

icon  Leasing and finance

icon  Investment banking

icon  Insurance

icon  Stockbroking

icon  Credit unions

icon  Solicitors

icon  Accountants

icon  Mortgage providers

icon  Asset management

  • Ireland
  • UK

20 Randomised Questions. 80% Pass Rate.

Customised content specific to your Organisation or Sector.

Audio Narration

Glossary of Terms

Multimedia Design / Creative Interactive Content.